1. CATALINA TRIP, 3.13.2016.
2. GETTY VILLAS, 4.17.2016
3. VANCOUVER TRIP. 5.21-5.22.2016.
4. Solvang, CA: 8.21.2016.
5. Big Bear Lake, CA, 8.2016.
6. OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK. 9.09-9.11.2016
7. STATE COLLEGE, NEW YORK CITY TRIP. 10.19-10.25.2016
8. SALT LAKE CITY, CHICAGO, 12.25.2016-1.01.2017.

2016-10-22 15.23.57


TRIP: SALT LAKE CITY, CHICAGO, 12.25.2016-1.01.2017


2016-12-27 17.18.54


\section{Day 465, 12.25S:
5:30am: get up;
6:15-7am: U-ber to LAX \$60;
flight American 6050 to Salt Lake city, arrive at 11:30am;
waste 1hour for car rental;
get car at Advantage, at 2:pm;
lunch at Pencer’s steakhouse, for \$150;
dinner at the coffee shop for fruit and brownie;
read the book till 11 pm;
upgrade the room;

\section{Day 466, 12.26M:
breakfast, 9am;
drive to Salk Lake Temple, 10am-12pm;
visit the state capitol, 12pm-1pm;
visit Olympic Park, 1:30pm;
Extreme Zipline, 1:30pm-2:30pm;
lunch at the Junction, 2:30pm-3:30pm;
watch Christmas lights;
dinner at City Creek Center;

\section{Day 467, 12.27T:
breakfast, 9am;
drive to Alta ski resort, 10:40am;
buy ski pants, glovers, rent ski equipment;
take the ski lesson, 1:20pm-3:30pm;
dinner at La Caille restaurant, 5:15pm-8pm;
fill the gas;

\section{Day 468, 12.28W:
get up at 6am;
drop the car at Advatange, 7am;
fly to Chicago 8:30am-1pm;
Uber to Fairmont hotel, 40min, \$40;
Protein bar for lunch;
millennium park, Michigan lake;
River walk, magnificent mile, Trump Tower;
Henry’s bar;

\section{Day 469, 12.29R:
breakfast at Au Bon Pain, Aon building;
the art institute of Chicago, 12pm-6pm;
Al’s beef for dinner;

\section{Day 470, 12.30F:
brunch at Heaven on Seven, for Cajun food, \$30;
go to Willis tower, skydeck, fast pass;
have dinner at Miller’s pub;
watch the ballet Nutcracker, 7pm-9pm;
have Chichago style deepdish pizza, atGiordano’s; 

\section{Day 471, 12.31S:
getup at 10am;
lunch at Remington’s;
Tax to the meuseum of science and industry, 11am-4pm;
U-boat 505 tour;
tour University of Chicago campus, 4pm-5pm;
dinner at Prime and Provision, a bottle of Cabinet \$80, porthouse \$130,  \$350, 6pm-7:30pm;

\section{Day 472, 1.01S:
getup at 4:30am;
Uber to Chicago airport, \$40,  5am-5:40am;
flight from Chicago to LAX, 6:45am-8:45am;
Uber home, \$55, 10am;
lunch at Happy Dinning, \$50;

TRIP: SALT LAKE CITY, CHICAGO, 12.25.2016-1.01.2017