Flora questions my credibility: “you have been saying that for years.”

So, mark my words:

I will write at least three paragraphs, for 365 consecutive days, starting from today.



Learn from others mistakes

We had a candidate come in for interview this afternoon. With a few red flags already on her resume, she arrived 52 minutes late.

During the half hour task, she was very quiet and did not ask any question. This deemed to be another red flag because it was exactly her chance to make an impression by showing her thinking, her approach to problems, her interest in the position, and being engaging with us. As she started to speak, her voice sounded neither confident nor assertive.

Incidentally, Monte Carlo simulation was mentioned on her resume. The manager had no idea at all what that is so he asked. Her answer, not surprisingly, was very tedious, unclear, and technical, using terms like Brownian motion. But how would you expect those laymen to understand Brownian motion? Even more so if that’s not something they normally deal with, they wouldn’t be interested in either. Instead, a straightforward, simple but attractive answer would be much better.

Interview really isn’t about how good you are. Now I feel strongly that everything is personal branding.

Learn from others mistakes


This post is for myself.

In many respects, I am a last-minute person. The latest victim is the SC trip with Flora. We have been talking about it for a month, but I only started booking yesterday. Everything seems just fine until I find no room available for the game day!!! If I have started a week early, we could have made the game into our schedule.

Procrastination been haunting me for years. It is annoying, troubling, and costly. Most of time, however, I can get away just fine, as long as I can put up with the financial loss. Indeed, my sister always mocks me: “you need double resources to get the same things done.”

In the past, work has been my chief grace saver.  I delay and ignore everything but work. It is such a convenient, deceptive, and powerful excuse, triumphing everything else. I myself almost believed it.

But it is nothing but an excuse, an excuse for my laziness, unwilling to think, plan, and take the responsibility. It is so easy to read and write papers: it is a habit that does not demand much effort beyond concentration. If I have been willing to think, plan, and act, I could have achieved the same outcome with much less time. Life could have been more enjoyable and meaningful.

For all these hinder sights, it remains “IF”. The culprit is laziness: unwilling to plan and act; rather, just follow whatever comes easy. No longer. I must control procrastination—pathologically delay everything to the last minute.

If I can program myself to do nothing but work, I can certainly reprogram myself to do other stuff. I must develop new habits, with discipline: once you set the goal, stick to it until it gets done.

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