2016 Election: round 2

Just forty-eight hours before the second presidential debate, Trump’s lewd comments on women could not come at a worse time. Already, he is struggling with women voters, trailing far behind Hilary. The comments are degrading, indefensible, and only serve to alienating women further.  The trouble does not stop there. The incident gives a few reluctant GOP supporters a perfect excuse to ditch him. Trump’s candidate seems all but doomed.

But in the second debate, Trump seemed to learn from the last one: you cannot get into details to defend yourself. No one cares about details. The more you defend, the more you draw attention to the wrong places. Even if they are lies, by depending yourself, you make them stick as facts. Instead, Trump focused on directly attacking Hillary. She has her own skeletons in the closet. True, Trump’s disparaging words hurt people. But Hillary is far worse: her actions kill.

Round 2: Trump survived to fight another day.


2016 Election: round 2