Writing 6.359: movie review, La La Land, 8/10

This beautiful movie tells a sad story. Mia is a barista who dreams of hollywood;  Sebastian is a jazz pianist, who aspires to run his own jazz bar with pure jazz. They fall in love in LA before they succeed in career. Later, when Mia has the door to her dream, Serbastian tells her to give all her has, even that means losing each other. Five years later, both realize their dreams, but live separate lives. In the last scene, Mia dreams of what if everything goes right, they would have been happily together. But the reality is, success and love often do not go hand in hand; you must pick one. The ending reminds me of the movie Cafe Society.

Flora and I much enjoyed the movie. We both agree that the first half of musicals is a bit overdone.  I am not a big fan of musicals, and LA is never that fairy land like; you have to pick and choose carefully to get those beautiful shots. The second half is however substantial. It tells that love and dream may not be computability. Had they stick together, they would get neither love nor dream. Sad as it is, the real outcome is perhaps the best they can do.

Besides the plot, music, and the characters, I also find the cinematography amazing. From start it has the quality of fluid, dynamic, and nostalgia. For example, the penning scene of LA highway dancing, and the pool party scene (shifting the perspective from a girl jumping into the water to the band).

la la land

Writing 6.359: movie review, La La Land, 8/10

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