Writing 1.364: movie review, Rogue One, 6/10

The movie is an expensive failure. It has all the ingredients to make big: the action is intense, the picture is beautiful, and the cast is talented. Yet it has an incredibly dull screenplay. That proves to be fatal: every episode plays out, just so as you expected. Indeed, it is so predicted that you would wonder why Lucas spent so such to make such a long boring movie.

I also find the music loud and annoying. If the movie is not telling an saga, the pretentious music won’t make it an epic masterpiece.

The lack of origination may be fine if it develops compelling characters. But this is not the case. You can get hardly moved by any character. Worse, I am much troubled by two characters played by Chinese actors. First, the two roles are dispensable, if it were not for catering to Chinese market. Second, to be fair, both actors are talented, but there are not much they can do when the story sucks.

The bottom line is, if you are not a diehard star-war fan, or an action freak, you can safely pass this one.



princess leia, star wars, new hope


Writing 1.364: movie review, Rogue One, 6/10

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