So good they can’t ignore you 12/3

Today I have finished reading this book. The gist of it: focusing on what we are good at is more satisfying in the long run than doing what we love. In other words, the author persuades us to love what we do and become the best. I learned a new vocabulary “career capital”, which refers to rare and valuable skills that we can exchange for greater freedom later on. It is presumably the most appealing and useful part of the book.

Career capital can be obtained through only deliberate practice. To achieve deliberate practice, we must have great focus and build up enough momentum to push us forward. We must stretch our capabilities under the guidance of an expert and seek for immediate feedback. Once enough career capital is developed, we would have more control and greater freedom at work. This way, happiness will easily come by (Refer to Kobe as the perfect example here).

Although only the first half of the book is compelling enough, and many of the ideas in the book are kind of common sense, it gives me a clear direction by pointing out advices systematically. Getting better and better at what we do, and become so good they cannot ignore you.

So good they can’t ignore you 12/3

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