Day 440, 11.30

\section{Day 440, 11.30:
swim: .5k;
MRF: 5h;

Get things done. You cannot waste your life. The best way to get things done is to get it started.

Before you act, brainstorm first. Lay out alternatives, then pick the best. Do not follow others blindly. It is others’ life. You must lead and live your own. For now, it is to get the MRF done, in a week. Focus, focus, focus. Think nothing else.

I must resume morning reading, for two hours. For this month, we can do light ones. Think through. What are really relevant? What do you really need to do? Currently, you have excellent math and writing ability, you need to work on stuff now. So, you can slow the learn? Perhaps you still need to read, for at least an hour per day? The seminar papers that you must read. You cannot waste your life on others. You must work on the things that eventually matter.

I need my brand. To establish that, you need to work with top guys. This will bring you needed visibility.

Intellectually, the area is bankrupted. It is in desperate need of fresh ideas and new paradigms.

2016-10-22 16.05.38 HDR

Day 440, 11.30

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