Movie: American Honey, 8/10

The movie is brutally honest. The hero is a confusing young girl, who embarks on a road trip to sell the magazine subscription. Through her eyes, the movie cuts across all walks of American life, from the privileged wealthy with troubling teenagers, to the broken underclass struggling to get ends meet. Without much hesitance, the movie tells as it is, unfiltered.

As such, the trip is long and sprawling, but never boring. If you are looking for a neat structure or clean message, you are likely to be disappointed. The 160-min long movie is a trip to experience, not a message to preach. It has the fair share of the ugly and social ills, but if you look deeper, you will find good hearts in all social classes, from rich old cowboys to the lovely little girl who loves singing.

I hate the shooting. The restless camera makes me sick. Also, I find sexual scenes too repulsive to enjoy. But if you are into the real life of underclass, this one is for you.



Movie: American Honey, 8/10

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