Reading: the organized mind, 1

This week I have been reading the book “the organized mind”. The premise is that, we are living in a demanding and information overloaded world. Unless we organize well, we can easily fall out of balance. So far it has been a fascinating reading.

Two points stand out. The first is categorization. Brain has limited capacity, and mental operations consume time and energy. To economize, we must sort relevant information into a few categories. There are three ways to do so: visual, functional, and situational. The visual categorization sorts stuff by appearance. The functional categorization lumps things by functionality. The situational categorization is the most interesting one: it takes in all the things relevant for a particular scenario or context, just like a snapshot from a movie. For me, the situational one is most powerful one. Indeed, I have always been puzzled why people claim that language is the basis for thinking. Why not pictures? I think in pictures :)

The second point is externalization. No matter how efficient you can categorize information, your brain has limited capacity. So the best way to increase efficiency is to write down the ideas your encounter. Once you put them down, you no longer worry about their loss or intrusion. Indeed, writing relieves your brain from otherwise constant interruptions of pending issues. Another reason for daily writing? :)

More to come.

2016-09-10 08.43.16

Reading: the organized mind, 1

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