Women in the Workplace

First principle: be professional anytime. Do not experience nasty things with deep emotion. Instead, process through the challenges analytically and critically. Examine what is occurring around from a neutral, expansive, and balanced perspective, so that the response can be as effective and comprehensive as possible, taking into account all key factors and potential outcomes.

Projecting self-confidence and a powerful presence is critical. Do not beat by the so called “power gaps”, which refers to areas that we feel “less than” — less capable, confident, and contributive than we want to be. Uncover power gaps by working hard to get close to them. If we need more knowledge or training, go out and get it. Using body language and wearing heels and lipsticks are also good ways to boost confidence.

Effective communication occurs in a direct, assertive, and clear way. Being open and honest while speaking up for myself and respecting others. Express negative thoughts in a professional way. Be aware of limits and don’t let others take advantage of. Accept compliments graciously; learn from mistakes; ask for help when needed.

Women in the Workplace

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