1st LOI Signed

An official Letter of Intent (LOI) was signed for HI this afternoon (9/21/2016). HI, a Colorado-based litigation support firm, provides high-end trail graphics and animations in support of legal teams seeking the best opportunities to win their cases. The firm was founded by Brice K, who used to be a top-ranked tennis player in the world, and spent most his early life staring at a fuzzy green ball. Brice is selling the firm so that he can pursue full time on his real estate business. He will not remain with the firm after the deal close. One of our partners described Brice as “an easy book to read”.

Although HI provides animation services on a consultative basis for any pertinent business, the firm primarily focuses on the medical animation niche. Medical animation is an educational video or movie created using three dimensional motion graphics to explain the mechanism of action of a medical device, biomedical technology, pharmaceutical drug, or an anatomical or biological process. Given the diverse and extensive scope of the consumer audience, there is substantial promise for expansion within the industry.

These mean, for the first time, my work will shift more towards due diligence (accounting, IT, legal, and insurance diligence) over the next few weeks and months (challenge accepted). At the same time, looking for $13M in capital. If you have any spare change, let me know :)

1st LOI Signed

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